#1 AC Fight gameplay video

Guys, this is a very first draft of AC fight gameplay. We still work on animation and want to really imrpove it. But for now you can at list see the fight game play video.

AC Fight Game Play 

AC is different in that you are able to control attacks, defenses, and most importantly, strategy. Each fight is a back-and-forth battle of wits and strategy. The turn-based fight is both live and interactive. Once both players have chosen their desired attack and/or defense, the sequence is simulated and the players must adapt their strategy to the outcome. The simulation is based on pre-calculated, fixed percentages and is not randomized, allowing for better strategy and competition. We have even built tools for you to be able to analyze and react to an opponent’s actions. You control what type of attack and the location of the strike. You can even control how much energy the fighter uses during each move.


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